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Drugs and Narcotics in India and their illegal consumption and it’s effect on youth and society of India

The main objective of this article is to enlighten the consumption of drugs among people and the youth of India. June 26 is observed as International drug day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Future generation of India is falling in consumption of drugs and illegal substance. The practice of drug consumption has escalate rapidly among the youth of India. The main reason of intake of drugs among the teenage generation is depression, anxiety, peer pressure, high expectations of guardians from their wards and some time for pleasure. They want to experiment with drugs and alcohol and considered them to be a part of growing up despite knowing the high risk and dangerous result. While surveying it is found that 2 in 10 teens admitted to be a part of drugs consumption. when asked the reason of intake of drugs. Common responses are to relieve depression and stress, to control their anger and temper, to experiment, to scrutinize their curiosity, parental exposure to alcohol, to do good in sports. Youth and teens are most common prey for drug dealers and peddlers. They believe that teens are easy in catching and making them addicted. According to study drug racketeers tries to catch school and college going students and it helps them to make big network among colleges and schools especially foreign students. They keep their eyes on cosmopolitan areas where foreign students and high profile students are easily available. Form low cost drugs like ganja, opium to costly drugs like LSD, ecstasy pills and cocaine are made easily accessible for the students. Big parties, youth festivals, fresher’s party, late night gathering are their main targets. Even students act as a peddlers for other student and deliver illegal substance to them. Police said that students who are out of reach from their parents are more prone to the drug consumption. Cities like Pune, Delhi and Mumbai are more prone to consumption and dealing of drugs. Every year 25 out of 100 deaths are because of the high dose of drugs among youth. Movies and Bollywood are also playing significant role among youth which give them new ideas and techniques of procuring drugs and illegal substance.
New scenario is coming in which Bollywood is now high in risk of consumption and illegal supplying of drugs and narcotic substance. Bollywood has a history and an old connection with illegal substance from eras of Bollywood. 2020 is the worst year for Bollywood as many secrets revealed in front of audience who consider them their idols, mentors etc. Bollywood is now on the top of list in Narcotic Control Bureau. And they are keeping an eye on their activities. A grade actors and actresses are summoned by NCB for enquiry. These actors charge whooping amount for acting in movies. Consumption of cocaine are common on sets revealed by one of the member from Bollywood. Intake of drugs is happening from late 1970s era but at that time social media was not active. Every crew member on set are in the drugs consumption whether it is technician, cameraperson, makeup artist, dress designer and many more.
Punjab state is the most prone area for the consumption and supplying of drugs. 18 of 22 Punjab’s district are on top of list in Centre. Most of the youth of Punjab dies due to high dose of drugs. Opium cannabis heroin, hashish are the most common drugs used by them. Production of drugs are also practiced in many districts of Punjab. Even police are also in web of drugs and narcotic substance. Women are also consume drugs. 28000 drugs addicts are admitted in rehab centers every year. There is a huge network of drug peddlers and they have connection with drug dealers. These drug dealers deal with other countries for costly drugs like LSD. Kenya, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Pakistan are the countries from where drugs are supplied illegally. It is observed that drug abuse is increasing like a cancer in Punjab especially in youths and adolescent. In 2018 Mumbai capital of Maharashtra recorded 82% cases of drugs. Maharashtra has the highest record of suicide due to drugs whether it is high dosage of drug or not getting drugs on time. Pune another city of Maharashtra is also a house of consumption of drugs. According to survey 1 in 5 students are consuming drugs. Pune is the city where many big universities are established. It is a dream of every student to study in these Universities. Foreign students enroll themselves in these universities and get a chance to be a part of big and lavish universities. When asked to one of the student he said that he smoked cigarette in 12 class and marijuana in first year of his graduation just for the pleasure and experiment. And after some time he became totally addicted to drugs and pay anything to get drugs from peddlers. He also confessed that he had caught many times by the police but he bribed them. Middle class students and slum dwellers act as a drug peddlers and work for dealers as delivery agent to deliver narcotic substance to high class parties and in return they give drugs to them. And if someone tries to act against them they are killed. Intake of drugs also leads to various health damage like mental instability incurable disease HIV, hepatitis B and C infection.
Many countries are making efforts to competing with international drug trafficking. Netherland joined hand with other countries for probing the drug trafficking and the crime committed during export and import of drugs from one country to another country.
Government is organizing various programs against the consumption of drugs in the form of plays, skits. Rehabilitation centers are set up by government for the addicted youth. Counselling sessions are organized by rehab centers. Help them to kick out the activity of taking drugs by building new habits in them, new activities like sports dance music is practiced in the centers. Consumption of drugs and narcotic substance is illegal in India and punishment are enshrined in the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance act 1985. In act it is clearly mentioned whosoever produce, manufacture, consume, buy, sell transport, any illegal substance he/she will be punished with suitable punishment mentioned in the act. Narcotic Control Bureau is working for 24/7. It is responsibility of every citizen to take steps against drugs and illegal substance. India is the most prone country for consumption of drugs. Behind this many heinous crimes rape, murder, human trafficking, are also done. It is a duty of parents to look after their wards and their peer group. In Modern period parents have no time for children. It is a duty of a parent to talk their children about everything whether it is good or bad. And try to communicate with them. Instead of scolding them try to make them responsible for their own mistakes. Schools can do programs for these social awareness. Teachers also play an important role in the upbringing of the children. Government should make proper laws and punishment for the consumption of drugs and narcotic substance.


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